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Using Transparent Data and Personalization to Build Trust and Improve Client Outcomes with Lori Hardwick

In this episode, Jack talks with Lori Hardwick, Chairman of Riskalyze and Board Member at firms like Orion Advisor Tech and Cetera Financial Group.

Lori began climbing the financial services ladder working as a wholesaler. In 1997 she had her first baby and realized the wholesaler lifestyle didn’t mesh with motherhood. So she pitched an idea to her senior executive team about starting an RIA program back when RIAs were still relatively new to the industry. She then left to start her own firm, Envestnet.

After decades as a leader in the industry, Lori describes the successes and failures that sometimes unfold when old tech meshes with emerging tech, and why culture determines the success of that merger. She also describes why financial tech is in direct competition with giants like Amazon and Google, and why our technology must allow clients to engage and interact in a way that’s personalized.

Jack and Lori discuss the importance of showing clients quantifiable benefits, why advisors should take inventory of the software at their fingertips, and the necessity of hyper-personalization.

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