LifeYield Tax Harvesting

LifeYield Tax Harvesting

Scan all taxable and non-taxable accounts to instantly identify opportunities to harvest gains or losses.

Turn gains and losses into tax alpha

Keep your current technology

Keep your current technology

Don’t rip and replace anything. LifeYield Tax Harvesting can act as an overlay to your current technology to enhance it with modern tax harvesting capabilities.

Limit capital gains

Limit capital gains

Offset short-term or long-term capital gains by selling securities at a loss. Short-term is typically the priority, but LifeYield accounts for both.

Identify appreciated lots

Identify appreciated lots

Sell winning investments to realize capital gains. This can be used to find the most appreciated assets for gift giving or charitable donations.

Avoid wash sales

Avoid wash sales

Typically done within taxable accounts only, LifeYield looks at all taxable and non-taxable accounts and identifies any potential wash sales.

The LifeYield Tax Harvesting API

The LifeYield Tax Harvesting engine looks across a client’s accounts and holdings and instantly identifies all opportunities to harvest gains and losses. It considers:

Key Benefits

The LifeYield Technology Library

What the experts are saying

This technology gives a financial advisor a quicker, more efficient method to review a client’s multi-account portfolio and recommend strategies designed to help improve after-tax returns. LifeYield is an important addition to our suite of tools that help financial advisors better serve their clients.

Jed Finn

Jed FinnCOO, Morgan Stanley

Combining Envestnet | Yodlee Analytics with LifeYield shows how data can be leveraged to convert business insights into quantifiable and actionable output.

Frank Coates

Frank CoatesExecutive Managing Director, Envestnet | Yodlee Analytics

The Taxficient Score® is an incredibly impressive innovation in wealth management. It takes an extremely complicated and important subject and makes it easy for advisors to discuss with their clients.

Mark Casady

Mark CasadyVestigo Ventures

Whenever we have been in a competitive situation and discuss our methodology of being tax efficient, we have been very successful securing those relationships. We started using LifeYield soon after we made our move to become independent. I can’t even imagine where our practice would be if we had this tool throughout our entire career.

Rick Mida

Rick MidaCanopy Wealth Management

LifeYield helps us show our clients why we pay such close attention to taxes when structuring their portfolio. Clients are amazed how big of a difference it can make over the long run. Before LifeYield, it was much harder to estimate the potential tax savings and show those savings in an easy to understand way.

Steven Elwell

Steven ElwellChief Investment Officer and co-owner of Level Financial Advisors

By making it easy and cost effective for advisors to access leading technology solution providers such as LifeYield and the Taxficient Score®, we are able to further support their ability to manage and grow their businesses and provide even greater value in affiliation with LPL.

Andy Kalbaugh

Andy KalbaughLPL Financial

I recently met with a retired CPA with a $1.1 Million in self-directed investment savings. LifeYield's technology quantified the benefit of asset location, illustrated a simple score that my team will work to improve. He's now agreed to be a long-term client.

George Rall

George RallGER Loftin Wealth Advisors LLC

Communicating the value of tax planning has always been a challenge, until I discovered LifeYield. Using The Taxficient Score® with prospects and clients has changed my business.

Using LifeYield, James was able to show the prospect how to improve their 10-year expected return by 1.24% per year and achieve potential tax savings of $275,000 over the next ten years.

James Loftin

James LoftinGER Loftin Wealth Advisors LLC

The Taxficient ScoreTM gives me the ability to view my clients' portfolios in ways that other tools simply cannot by providing a holistic view of client assets and further equipping me to help them create better financial outcomes.

Robert L. Franner

Robert L. Franner III, AMMS®An LPL Financial Advisor

It's inconceivable that taxes, the single largest drag to investing have been the elephant in the room for any discussion of investing for so long. LifeYield’s Taxficient Score® will prove to be a disruptor to the industry status quo bringing tax impact to the forefront where it rightfully belongs.

Len Reinhart

Len ReinhartWealthcare Capital Management

LifeYield can be a great eye opener because advisors don’t always provide guidance on how to manage for tax-smart asset location.

It’s an effective tool if the prospect has another advisor. LifeYield can be a great eye opener because advisors don’t always provide guidance on how to manage for tax-smart asset location.

Ryan C.

Ryan C.CEO Mid-sized Investment Advisor

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