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wealthtech on deck podcast - Aaron Schumm

Financial Wellness in the Workplace with Aaron Schumm

Retirement planning and wealth management are becoming synonymous with financial wellness. It encompasses not just monetary security but also the tools and knowledge to navigate the intricate pathways of personal finance. As financial wellness takes center stage in retirement planning, interwoven with coordination and strategic technology integration, advisors and individuals can maximize their financial outcomes and achieve long-term peace of mind.

In this episode, Jack talks with Aaron Schumm, Founder and CEO at Vestwell. Aaron founded Vestwell in 2016 to close the American savings gap by modernizing how individuals and small businesses save. Before Vestwell, Aaron co-founded FolioDynamix, which is now part of Envestnet. Aaron brings over 20 years of fintech and finserv experience from industry-leading companies, including Northern Trust, Citigroup, and Fiserv.

Dedicated to serving millions of undersaved Americans, Aaron talks to Jack about the vital role the workplace retirement business is playing in bringing on new investors, helping them with the tools and capabilities they need to make their retirement savings journeys as productive as possible, as well as showing them how to maximize their financial results and peace of mind.