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wealthtech on deck podcast - Rose Palazzo

WealthTech in the Weeds with Rose Palazzo and Mark Hoffman

WealthTech in the Weeds is a new series covering the broad yet critical path to financial services. The goal is to get together with industry experts and get into the details of building an effective, productive, coordinated, and comprehensive advice system.

In the past, financial services focused on managing individual accounts in silos. This fragmented approach limited advisors’ ability to minimize tax burdens and convert assets into sustainable income streams, especially in retirement. However, as the industry evolves, advisors and investors recognize the importance of creating comprehensive advice platforms. The challenge lies in operationalizing these platforms to allow advisors to translate financial plans into actionable strategies.

In this episode, Jack talks with Rose Palazzo. Rose is the Group President of Envestnet | MoneyGuide and has extensive experience building comprehensive advice platforms. She previously led financial planning at Morgan Stanley and played a key role in developing the firm’s industry-leading comprehensive advice platform. Rose is known for her expertise in personalized advice and coordinating planning conversations with technology platforms.

Mark Hoffman, CEO, Chairman, and Founder at LifeYield, joins Jack and Rose. Mark has more than 25 years of experience as an executive at public organizations, including State Street, Fiserv, and Colonial Management. He is also the founder of three financial technology firms: LifeYield, Upstream Technologies, and Lattice Trading.

Jack talks with Rose and Mark about the role of financial planning in building comprehensive advice platforms. They discuss how to turn a financial plan into actions that improve results and the challenges that come with it.