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wealthtech on deck podcast - Roger Paradiso

WealthTech in the Weeds with Roger Paradiso

WealthTech in the Weeds is a series covering the broad yet critical path to financial services. The goal is to get together with industry experts and get into the details of building an effective, productive, coordinated, and comprehensive advice system.

The wealth management industry is moving away from individual products and strategies and shifting toward a more coordinated approach with comprehensive advice systems that incorporate the entire scope of investors’ household accounts. Firms like Franklin Templeton and LifeYield are at the forefront of this evolution, leveraging technology and partnerships to provide better financial outcomes for clients and advisors.

In this episode, Jack talks with Roger Paradiso, Global Head of Advisor Portfolio & Technology Solutions at Franklin Templeton and Executive Chairman at O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, and Mark Hoffman, Co-Founder and CEO of LifeYield. They discuss the shift in the wealth management industry toward a more coordinated approach to improving financial outcomes for clients. Roger highlights Franklin Templeton’s comprehensive advice capabilities, focusing on personalization, customization, and curation of solutions. Mark talks about LifeYield’s role in connecting and optimizing various capabilities to create better portfolios and solutions.