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wealthtech on deck podcast - John Wernz

Unlocking the Power of Marketing in Financial Services with John Wernz

Marketing in financial services has transitioned to being a strategic imperative. Financial firms are now recognizing the power of marketing to drive organic growth, capture new markets, and capitalize on untapped opportunities. As the industry explores the potential of marketing, they unearth the chances for exponential growth and enhanced brand recognition. The journey may have started later for financial services, but they are undeniably on their way to realizing the transformative potential of effective marketing.

In this episode, Jack talks with John Wernz, Executive in Residence at Great Hill Partners. John has spent over 20 years as a leader in financial services marketing with a specific focus on driving accountable organic growth. His work with firms like Fisher Investments and Wealth Enhancement Group has contributed to the fastest-growing and most successful players in the financial services sector. John is an investor and advisor to many Fintech firms, including LifeYield. Having led marketing for fast-growing financial firms for the last 20+ years, John experienced the power of showing a client tangible and holistic solutions.

A leader in brand storytelling and helping colleagues position themselves for success, John talks with Jack about marketing in financial services. He dives deeper into the importance of organic growth, how he creates effective marketing strategies, and his secret to staying on top of his marketing game.