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wealthtech on deck podcast - Mark Paulson

The Value of Adding Annuities to a Portfolio with Mark Paulson

Annuities have long been acknowledged as valuable financial instruments that provide the opportunity to effectively manage risks, making them a cornerstone in a well-rounded retirement strategy. By incorporating annuities into a portfolio, individuals can help mitigate their exposure, thereby enhancing their financial security.

In this episode, Jack talks with Mark Paulson, VP of Global Hedging Business Development at Allianz Investment Management U.S. LLC. In his role, Mark leads the development of global fixed index annuities, registered index-linked annuities, and fixed indexed universal life insurance businesses from a hedging perspective. He leads the interaction with global clients, translates client business goals into projects for the various Allianz Investment Management (AIM) hedging functions (strategy, systems, portfolio management, and trading), and oversees AIM hedging’s involvement in global business development.

Mark talks with Jack about dynamic hedging strategies and the value of adding annuities to a portfolio. He discusses the concept of the efficient income frontier and how adding an annuity can shift this frontier, allowing for more efficient income generation in retirement. Mark emphasizes the importance of risk management and the need to shift the mindset from accumulation to decumulation when planning for retirement.