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The Top Three Trends Shaping Financial Services Today with Jack Sharry

Today, we’re seeing three major trends shaping the financial services industry – the retirement of baby boomers, taxes, and the popularity of financial advice platforms. As these trends significantly impact how financial services companies deliver their products and services, what do these trends mean for the future of investors and the industry?

In this episode, we flip the script as Matt Nollman, VP of Marketing at LifeYield, takes the host chair to talk with Jack Sharry as the guest. As Jack speaks with industry leaders on what they’re working on to move the industry forward and their businesses weekly, he assesses the top trends in the financial services industry.

Jack talks with Matt about his takeaways from his conversations with industry leaders and the top three trends shaping financial services today. Jack speaks about how retirement has changed over time, why financial services place so much emphasis on tax alpha, and how financial advice platforms are increasingly becoming customized.

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