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The Top Five Trends Impacting Wealth Management Today with Jack Sharry

The wealth management industry is constantly evolving with new trends. These trends are driving significant changes in the wealth management industry, prompting firms to adopt new strategies and technologies in order to meet investor demands. How can advisors make the most of these trends and make a significant impact on their clients?

This week, we flip the script as Jack Sharry takes the guest chair and Matt Nollman, VP of Marketing at LifeYield, hosts the show. As Executive Vice President, Chief Growth Officer, and Principal at LifeYield, Jack helps industry leaders, platform builders, advisors, and investors understand UMH platforms and the advantages they create.

As a leading industry voice on wealthtech, Jack shares his insights on the top five trends in wealth management, how these trends are impacting the industry, and how the combination of platform and advisor makes the biggest difference in client relationships.