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wealthtech on deck podcast - Danielle Learned

The Qualities of Highly Effective Leaders with Danielle Learned

Leadership is a journey of continuous learning and personal growth. It’s a muscle that gets stronger through experience and reflection on the lessons learned. This growth mindset, driven by active listening, genuine care for people, and intellectual curiosity, results in a dynamic leadership style. Such leaders adapt to new challenges and inspire teams to contribute their best work, leading to more effective decision-making, stronger collective vision, and remarkable outcomes.

In this episode, Jack talks with Danielle Learned, Chief of Staff and Head of Sales Execution at Horizon Investments. In her role, Danielle is responsible for leading the planning and execution of the firm’s various strategic initiatives and helping translate the firm’s mission and vision into action. Danielle is known for her grit and entrepreneurial spirit, and she is dedicated to empowering financial advisors and equipping them with the tools they need to succeed.

Danielle talks with Jack about her career journey and the lessons she has learned about leadership and execution. She shares insights on leadership, the art of listening, the value of empathy and genuine care for people, and the power of grit and perseverance in achieving success. Danielle also discusses Horizon Investments’ unique value proposition and the industry’s future, emphasizing the importance of personalization and transparency in financial advice.