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The Power of UMH with Len Reinhart

In this episode, Jack Sharry talks with Len Reinhart, a pioneer in the UMH industry and founder of several successful advisory firms. Len began discussing the subject of separately managed accounts, managed money, an advisory approach, and, of course, UMH, nearly 20 years ago.

As a baby boomer himself, Len witnessed firsthand the diminishing benefits for boomers as retirement suddenly became their primary responsibility. Simultaneously, he began his career working with managed money where the goal was listening to clients first, unlike the aggressively cold-calling brokers he sat beside. He listened to clients’ goals, their risk requirements, and built strategies to meet those individual needs.

Focusing on retirement and listening to clients’ end goals, both financial and personal, became the basis of his approach to advising. As he built firms with a client-first approach in mind, his success caught the attention of competitors and the industry.

Len and Jack discuss the transition from winning the financial rat race to simply funding future liabilities. They also discuss why UMH is such a powerful tool for accomplishing lifelong goals and how the role of advisors has shifted to help clients reach those goals.

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