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wealthtech on deck podcast - Laura Varas

The Power of Data and Analytics in Financial Services with Laura Varas

Markets thrive on the pulse of data, relying on its flow to maintain balance and informed choices. As data and analytics are catalysts driving the transformation and innovation of the financial landscape, companies that leverage comprehensive research and analysis are better positioned to drive growth and deliver exceptional value to their clients.

In this episode, Jack talks with Laura Varas, Founder and CEO of Hearts & Wallets, an independent research and benchmarking firm specializing in saving, investing, and financial advice. At Hearts & Wallets, Laura applies her experiences participating in markets worldwide to create stronger connections between financial solutions and consumer needs. She bridges the investing and marketing worlds with over 25 years of experience in retail finance, consumer packaged goods, and strategy consulting.

A thought leader who combines an in-depth knowledge of financial services with a proven ability to predict future trends, Laura talks with Jack about the importance of high-quality research in wealth management and how Hearts & Wallets’ data has helped their clients achieve growth and success. Moreover, Laura describes their framework for identifying different financial advice options and how workplace and wealth intersect in the industry.