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wealthtech on deck podcast - Ken Dychtwald

The Longevity Revolution with Ken Dychtwald

The world is experiencing a profound demographic shift that is transforming how we think about aging. With people living longer and healthier lives, the traditional concept of old age is being redefined. The longevity revolution presents a unique opportunity for the financial services industry. As individuals seek guidance on how to fund their long lives and find purpose in their later years, financial advisors have the potential to make a profound impact on their clients’ lives.

In this episode, Jack talks with Ken Dychtwald, Founder and CEO of Age Wave. In his memoir, Radical Curiosity, Ken examines the arc and legacy of his own life through stories, adventures, and encounters with many of the world’s leaders and influencers to provide his keys to a meaningful, magical, and purposeful life.

A leading authority on longevity and how it’s changing the world, Ken talks to Jack about the demographic shifts and the implications of the longevity revolution. He discusses Age Wave’s recent study, “The New Age of Aging,” which highlights the changing perceptions of old age and the desire for purpose and meaning in the later years of life.