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wealthtech on deck podcast - Edmond Walters

The Legends of WealthTech with Edmond Walters

With an innovative approach to financial planning and a commitment to providing clients with a holistic and interactive experience, Edmond’s journey is legendary. The genesis of his brainchild, eMoney, unveils a story of innovation, inspiration, and perseverance, illustrating how a groundbreaking idea can transform into a pioneering company. His journey from concept to industry-altering reality illuminates the boundless possibilities at the intersection of financial expertise and technological acumen.

In this episode, Jack talks with one of the legends in wealthtech, Edmond Walters, Founder and CEO at VillanovaTech. VillanovaTech is a next-generation financial planning experience for financial advisors to use alongside their clients. Edmond was the CEO and Founder of eMoney Advisors, going back to when financial planning tools took off as a crucial and critical driver in helping advisors help their clients make better decisions using the most up-to-date financial planning, guidance, and technology tools. InvestmentNews recently recognized Edmond as one of the “20 People Who Helped Shape the Financial Planning Industry.”

Known for his innovative approach to financial planning and focus on delivering a holistic and interactive client experience, Edmond shares with Jack how the idea for eMoney came about and how he built the company from the ground up. He also talks about the evolution of the wealth management industry and how his innovations revolutionized financial planning. He emphasizes the importance of the advisor-client relationship and the role of technology in enhancing that relationship.