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The Influence of Human Behavior on Financial Planning with Jess Liberi and Michael Liersch

The choices people make about their financial future are some of the most important decisions in their lives. Knowledge and experience affect decision-making, but so do emotional and cognitive biases. How can people overcome their biases and achieve their financial objectives?

In today’s episode, Jack talks with Jess Liberi, Head of Product at eMoney Advisor, and Michael Liersch, Head of Advice & Planning at Wells Fargo.

As the Head of Advice & Planning at Wells Fargo, Michael is responsible for the delivery of all comprehensive planning services and sales strategies for clients of Wells Fargo Private Bank and Abbot Downing.

In her role as Head of Product, Jess brings eMoney Advisor’s product vision and strategy to life. She focuses on the evolution and development of eMoney’s robust portfolio of products, creating a powerful user experience across the platform. Working closely with financial advisors and advisory firms, Jess immerses herself in their world to fully understand their needs.

Jack talks with Jess and Michael about how the partnership between eMoney and Wells Fargo can deliver huge value to clients, why having a deeper human connection can help advisors understand what clients are trying to achieve, and what the next best step is to put financial advice into action.

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