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The Future of Human & Digital Advice, Why Tech Matters, and the Power of Personalization with Cheryl Nas‪h‬‬

In this episode, Jack Sharry talks with Cheryl Nash, CEO of the Financial Supermarkets Division at InvestCloud. Cheryl unpacks her acquisition-filled journey to CEO and everything that makes InvestCloud an industry standout.

Cheryl began her career as a data entrant at Security APL before automation was as widespread as it is today. Security APL was ultimately acquired by Fiserv which recently sold a 60% stake to Motion Partners. Cheryl was then appointed CEO of the newly branded Tegra118. Several weeks before Tegra118’s first anniversary, they merged with InvestCloud and Finantix.

A true industry leader, Cherly chats with Steve about planning for retirement, how COVID has shaped consumers, and the future of wealthtech.

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