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The Booming Retirement Wave, UMH, and Meaningful Client Engagement with Mark Hoffman

This time of year often calls for reflection. As we look back on 2021 and to the year ahead, we’re flipping the script and handing LifeYield’s VP of Marketing Matt Nollman the reins. Today, Matt interviews our regular host Jack Sharry as well as guest Mark Hoffman, CEO and Founder of LifeYield.

Due to the pandemic and a rapidly shifting demographic, firms have had to react quickly to meet new and rising client demands. At the forefront of those rising demands, LifeYield has learned quite a bit about navigating the new financial ecosystem and adding value where it counts.

In this episode, Matt talks with Jack and Mark about the three themes of 2021 that touched every conversation and initiative at LifeYield, the approach they’ve taken to address those key demands, and the technology LifeYield has leveraged and developed to push client firms over the finish line. From an unprecedented retirement boom to excitement over client engagement and the ever-popular UMH, here’s a look back at 2021 and a sneak peek at LifeYield’s ambitious goals for 2022.