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wealthtech on deck podcast - Jonathan Michael

The AI-Augmented Advisor with Jonathan Michael

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in the financial industry, with many claiming it will revolutionize wealth management. However, there is often a need for more clarity about what AI can do and how it can benefit financial advisors. How can advisors use AI to attract quality leads, streamline marketing workflows, and provide personalized advice to clients?

In this episode, Jack talks with Jonathan Michael, Founder & CEO of Wealth I/O. With a marketing and sales background, Jonathan deeply understands how AI can be leveraged to enhance marketing strategies and drive business growth. He works closely with advisors to help them generate quality leads, streamline their marketing workflows, and provide personalized content to clients.

Jonathan talks with Jack about AI in wealth management marketing. He discusses how AI can augment advisors’ capabilities, allowing them to function as super advisors. Jonathan also delves into how AI helps advisors generate quality leads, streamline workflows, automate compliance, create hyper-personalized content, and scale their business.