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Tax-Efficient Strategies for Maximizing Investor Returns with Martin Cowley

Taxes are a reality for all investors. Their effects can significantly affect financial outcomes and take a big bite out of investment returns. In response, advisors look for strategies that minimize tax liabilities while maximizing returns. As tax alpha may be the holy grail for many investors, what investment strategies can they use to maximize their financial outcomes?

In this episode, Jack talks with Martin Cowley, Executive Vice President of Product Development at LifeYield. As one of the pioneers in building UMH solutions in the industry, Martin is an expert at building platforms across the wealth management ecosystem. At LifeYield, Martin and his team focus on finding the client’s unique circumstances and then determining the best way to serve them.

Martin talks with Jack about five ways to achieve tax alpha through a comprehensive advice platform. He discusses how these strategies work and how advisors utilize them to help clients reach their financial goals.

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