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wealthtech on deck podcast - David Hegarty

Tax-Efficient Investing System for High-Earning Millennials and Gen Z with David Hegarty

For high-earning millennials and Gen Z, financial success often comes hand in hand with a perplexing challenge — how to make the most of their income. With their eyes set on the future, they know that making smart choices can make their hard-earned money work for them. By harnessing the power of a tax-efficient investment system, this young and savvy generation can pave the way toward a future with financial security, opportunity, and the freedom to live life on their own terms.

In this episode, Jack talks with David Hegarty, Founder & CEO of Playbook, the app for growing money with tax advantages and automation. From his own experiences, David realized that higher-earning millennials and Gen Z earn good money but need to figure out what to do with it. These younger generations also recognize a gap in their financial knowledge and understand that taxes are important to a financial plan. David created Playbook to help this group of individuals automatically put their money in the right places and pay fewer taxes legally.

Recognizing that money stuff can feel hard for most young investors, David talks about why Playbook chose to serve higher-earning millennials and Gen Z, the discoveries David made while building the app, and what Playbook solutions look like.