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Solving Data and Integration Problems in Financial Services with Kyle Van Pelt

Data is at the heart of every organization, and the ability to effectively collect, store, and analyze data is critical to success. Yet, for many financial firms, data is scattered across different silos, making it difficult to get a comprehensive view of their customers and business operations. While data can only be useful if properly organized and accessible, how can financial services integrate data to power applications, analytics, and decision-making?

In this episode, Jack talks with Kyle Van Pelt, Chief Executive Officer at Milemarker. Kyle joined Milemarker through Skience, where he was the Executive Vice President of Sales. Before his role at Skience, Kyle was a Solutions Manager at SS&C Advent and the Vice President of Partnerships at Riskalyze. His wealth of knowledge in the financial services industry and his passion for technology position him as the right leader to take Milemarker into its next era of growth and development.

Kyle talks with Jack about how he developed expertise in financial services, what sets Milemarker apart from other advisory platforms, and how to make multi-account unified managed households a reality.

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