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wealthtech on deck podcast - Matt Reiner

Redefining Innovation in Wealth and Management with Matt Reiner

Innovation in wealth management is more than just creating the next big tech tool. It’s also about mindset shift and redefining processes to unlock groundbreaking possibilities. Embracing a mindset-centric approach to innovation and technology as an amplifier empowers human advisors to deliver an even more personalized and impactful experience for their clients.

In this episode, Jack talks with Matt Reiner, Managing Partner & Senior Investment Advisor at Capital Investment Advisors. Matt has a passion for innovation and technology in the wealth management industry. He has developed a program called The Circle, a community of growth-oriented wealth management professionals looking for ways to grow, create scalability, and consistently deliver value to clients. At Capital Investment Advisors, Matt provides people with an investment plan that helps them attain their goals before and during retirement.

Matt talks with Jack about his journey in wealth management and how he discovered his passion for innovation and technology. He discusses the importance of an innovative mindset and how it can drive organizational change. Matt also emphasizes the value of human financial advisors and how technology can empower them to serve more clients more deeply.