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Providing Best-In-Class Advice and Best-In-Class Technology with Jed Finn

Many individuals and families face financial challenges that require professional assistance to navigate. These challenges can range from investment planning and portfolio management to retirement planning and tax optimization. With the best financial planning tools and investment strategies, financial advisors can provide investors with the best-in-class financial advice.

In today’s episode, Jack talks with Jed Finn at the Next Chapter Rockin’ Retirement Conference. Jed is the COO and Managing Director for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. In his role, Jed often has to make tough decisions about budgets and strategies and work with the leadership team to optimize resource allocation in pursuit of the overall strategy.

Jed talks with Jack about how Morgan Stanley achieved strong asset growth, how the company integrated and coordinated wealth management and retirement platforms, and Morgan Stanley’s comprehensive approach to serving clients.

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