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Investment Strategies to Live an Intelligent Financial Life with Rose Palazzo

Most people would agree that financial planning is an important part of life. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to retire comfortably and have enough money to live the life they want? However, financial planning needs to be much more than just a plan. It needs a clear understanding of the current financial situation and a roadmap to achieve future goals. How can investors create a financial plan that helps them live an intelligent financial life?

In this episode, Jack talks with Rose Palazzo, Group Head of Envestnet Money Guide. Before joining MoneyGuide, Rose was the Head of Financial Planning for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, responsible for managing the development, implementation, and support of the firm’s financial planning offering. Having hands-on experience designing financial planning software, Rose was also an architect of Morgan Stanley’s proprietary goals-based wealth management platform, Goals Planning System (GPS).

Having extensive experience in the financial industry, Rose speaks with Jack about some of the exciting things she is working on at MoneyGuide, what she sees as the future of financial planning, and how she helps clients achieve their financial goals.

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