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Integrating Technology, Managing Risk, and Simplifying the Complex with Tricia Rothschild

Risk occurs everywhere in the world of finance, it’s inevitable. As the global business and economic market continue to evolve, so do the risks. With businesses moving forward, how can technology integration in the wealth management industry help mitigate risks?

In today’s episode, Jack talks with Tricia Rothschild, Vice-Chair at the CFA Institute Board of Governors, Board member at Riskalyze, and Advisory Board Member at The TIFIN Group and the Financial Fitness Group.

Over the course of her career, Tricia was an executive at Morningstar in charge of the global software, data, index, and investment research businesses, serving individual investors, financial advisors, and asset managers. In her last role, she was the Chief Product Officer and Co-Head of Global Markets. In her 26 years with Morningstar, Tricia has built a strong leadership team and an innovative business with an enduring impact on investor success.

Jack speaks with Tricia about the risks associated with retail investing, how technology enables asset managers to better understand their clients, and what the future holds for wealth advisory services.

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