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Innovating and Integrating Tech in the Financial Industry with Heather Kelly

In this episode, Jack Sharry talks with Heather Kelly, the Senior Vice President of Advisory and Strategic Accounts at Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America.

Heather has been in the industry for over 25 years. However, if she was asked at the beginning of her career what wealth tech means, and what it would mean after decades, she would brush it off and continue doing what the mentors before her told her to do.

Heather has been in different roles in different big insurance companies, including United Capital and Allianz. Throughout those years, she offered her expertise and led the conversations about risk management, insurance, retirement planning, and now, fintech innovation and integration. Heather was also the first recipient of The Young Professional Honor for her advocacy in helping women excel in their profession.

Heather and Jack discuss the future of distribution, continuous innovation in the industry, and advocating for increased knowledge of technology.

Allianz does not offer financial planning services. Allianz does not offer legal and tax advice. Intended for IAR audience only.

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