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wealthtech on deck podcast - Tom Rieman

How to Boost Organic Growth the Right Way with Tom Rieman

For advisors to stand out in the marketplace, they need to provide highly valuable, compelling, and differentiated offerings that fulfill their clients’ unique needs. Organic growth flourishes when there’s product-market fit, and the value proposition resonates deeply with clients. This shift toward a client-focused approach, fueled by data and decision science, is revolutionizing the way advisors build lasting and impactful relationships with their clients.

In this episode, Jack talks with Tom Rieman, CEO and Founding Partner at Practice Intel. Tom has decades of experience in the wealth management industry, asset management distribution, and the broker-dealer ecosystem, with a primary emphasis on process and performance improvement. Before founding Practice Intel, Tom held executive roles in leading financial companies such as J. D. Power, Brinker Capital, and J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Tom is a relentless advocate for great financial advice and a believer in the profound power of the truth.

Tom talks with Jack about the power of data-driven platforms, client-focused strategies, and decision science to unlock the full potential of client-advisor relationships. He shares insights on how firms can differentiate themselves in the marketplace to drive organic growth and enhance client relationships.