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Helping Every Client to Maximize Their Orion Experience with Greg Menefee

Over the years, businesses have focused on providing the best products and services. While this is still important, it’s no longer enough. Client experience is the new battleground in today’s business environment and will only become more important in the years to come.

In this episode, Jack talks with Greg Menefee, Senior Vice President of Consulting & Implementation at Orion Advisor Tech. As a leader, Greg has built and led new, diverse teams by strategically establishing and cultivating a positive, productive, and inclusive cultural foundation. In his role, Greg leads a team that supports independent financial advisors in incorporating tech into their business, enhancing the practice management of their business and their client’s experience.

As a leader of teams that excel at elevating the client experience, Greg talks with Jack about the importance of client experience in financial services and how he helps every client maximize their Orion experience.

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