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Getting the Most Out of Social Security with Alyson Dorosky and Jeff Quigley

Since its inception, the Social Security program has been a cornerstone of retirement planning. Though most people think of social security as a retirement program, it is much more than that. There are many ways to maximize Social Security benefits people don’t realize.

In this episode, Jack talks with Alyson Dorosky, Marketing Manager and Head of Social Security Support at LifeYield. Also joining them is Jeff Quigley, Vice President of Enterprise Sales and Relationships at LifeYield.

In her role, Alyson is a key member of the Marketing and Advisor Success Teams at LifeYield. She’s been supporting advisors using Social Security Advantage, which makes her an important Social Security author to watch. She writes monthly about Social Security secrets, niche cases, and lessons learned supporting clients in the digital era. Jeff is responsible for working with existing clients to increase advisor adoption and effectiveness and identifying opportunities to expand relationships that bring added value to customers. In addition, Jeff engages with prospective clients to drive new revenue to the firm.

Alyson and Jeff talk with Jack about how they help advisors navigate social security, how LifeYield and Franklin Templeton work together to bridge the gap between planning and implementation, and how LifeYield Social Security+ improves retirement income outcomes for advisors and clients.

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