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Bringing Together Assets, People, and Processes with Edmund Murphy

One of the most important aspects of digital transformation is the need to bring together assets, people, and processes. The merging and acquisition of the best wealth management platform can bring together the best of all three. This strategy brings together the best of what each company has to offer— award-winning asset management, an industry-leading client experience, and the scale to service even the most complex client needs.

In this episode, Jack talks with Edmund Murphy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Empower. Edmund brings decades of broad leadership experience to his role. He was appointed as the inaugural President of Empower upon its formation in 2014. Since then, he has led the organization through a period of strong and sustained growth, positioning the firm as the go-to provider of financial services for more than 17 million investors. Under his leadership, Empower has grown into a national leader serving working Americans through all sectors of the U.S. economy and wealth segments.

Edmund talks with Jack about his journey to the merging and acquisitions of the best wealth management platforms in the industry. He also shares how Empower values user experience, why client engagement is so important, and the silver bullet every wealth management company needs to consider.

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