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Balancing Technology and Personalization and Giving Digestible Advice with John Thiel

In this episode, Jack Sharry talks with John Thiel, former Head of Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch and longtime advocate for comprehensive advising.

John began his career in public accounting where he realized the impact of tax law on financial planning and decision-making. He was eventually recruited into the insurance business and, while it wasn’t popular at the time, John became an advocate for financial advising as he rose through the ranks at Merrill Lynch.

While the industry has made and continues to make great progress, advisors still have a ways to go when it comes to implementing a goals-based approach and finding synergy between technology and the advisor-client relationship.

John and Jack discuss creating efficiencies for the client as well as the advisor, how advisors can address a rapidly retiring demographic, the impact of COVID-19, and why human advisors are always irreplaceable.

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