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wealthtech on deck podcast - Scott Stolz

Achieving Peace of Mind and Confidence in Retirement with Scott Stolz

As people reach their senior years, the support of a social security payment brings a sense of security and stability. People understand the tangible nature of this income and the reliability of its timely arrival. Yet, just beyond this familiar territory lies an opportunity for an enhanced sense of financial security – a supplement to the social security or pension check.

In this episode, Jack Sharry talks with Scott Stolz, Managing Director at iCapital. Scott has been in the annuity business for 40 years, making him one of the top authorities on annuities and retirement income planning. Over his career, he has run life insurance and annuity operations for three separate insurance companies and served as the President of Raymond James Insurance Group for over 15 years.

With an extensive background in the annuity and insurance industry, Scott talks to Jack about the challenges facing the annuity industry today, how annuity products fit into an overall portfolio, and how the industry can help advisors discuss annuities with clients.