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A WealthTech on Deck Year in Review: The Best Themes, the Most Popular Episodes, and a Look Forward with Jack Sharry and Matt Nollman

This episode marks the one-year anniversary of the WealthTech on Deck Podcast. Taking a look back at the last 50 episodes, Matt Nollman, VP of Marketing at LifeYield takes the lead and interviews regular host, EVP & Chief Growth Officer at LifeYield, Jack Sharry.

Jack is a leading industry voice on wealthtech, UMH, and the future of financial advice. His mission is to help investors, financial advisors, and firms achieve improved financial outcomes.

Matt leads LifeYield’s marketing team, strategy and digital experience, as well as producing the WealthTech on Deck podcast.

Jack and Matt talk about some of the best themes, most popular episodes, and lessons learned over the last year.