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A Tax-Smart and Risk-Smart Way of Managing Portfolios with Damon Deru

Rebalancing is one of the most important tasks performed by financial advisors. But in an increasingly complex world where markets are moving faster, clients are not the only ones who need guidance. Advisors need solutions to overcome roadblocks that impede their ability to provide the best service to their clients. With the right technology, advisory firms are able to reduce the time needed to rebalance portfolios, as well as manage tax and risk more effectively.

In today’s episode, Jack talks with Damon Deru, CEO and Founder at AdvisorPeak and Senior Product Director at Addepar.

Damon started his career as a registered investment advisor where he manually rebalanced and traded hundreds of clients’ portfolios using Excel spreadsheets. Frustrated by the lack of affordable and intuitive options in the market, it was in this role where the idea of a customizable robust portfolio rebalancing system was born. Damon relinquished his role as an investment advisor to focus his efforts on building the most innovative rebalancing software for the financial services industry.

Damon talks with Jack about the evolution of AdvisorPeak, how rebalancing software can be a powerful tool for managing client portfolios, and why it is highly beneficial to the firm, their advisors, and their clients.

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