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Four major enhancements to the LifeYield Advantage Suite®

December 13, 2019 Emily Hoffman By Emily Hoffman

Today, we launched four new enhancements to the LifeYield Advantage Suite, including a new workflow for adding, editing and importing accounts. This new workflow drastically streamlines the previous one, saving time for advisors who want to quickly add, edit or import new accounts to the platform.

Account add, edit and import workflows

Watch the video below to see the new account upload and editing workflows.

Orion integration

Next, we added an integration with Orion. Advisors who use Orion can now seamlessly import all their account data from Orion into LifeYield.

You can access the Orion integration on the Integrations tab here:

Orion Integration 12.12.19

Schwab integration

We also added single sign-on to our existing Schwab integration. Through single sign-on (SSO), advisors who custody their assets with Schwab can now access several related sections of the Schwab Advisor Center from the LifeYield user interface.

For advisors who have the Schwab integration turned on, you’ll now find the Schwab Advisor Center logo throughout your LifeYield experience. Selecting the logo will prompt the SSO and redirect you to the appropriate page in the Schwab Advisor Center.

Here’s what it will look like in LifeYield:

Schwab Integration 12.12.19-1

Two-factor authentication

Finally, we added optional two-factor authentication. You can opt in to this feature, which adds additional security to your account by sending a unique code to your email each time you log in to the LifeYield app.

To turn this feature on, click your email address in the top right corner of the app and select “Profile”. You’ll be taken to this screen, where you can toggle the two factor authentication on or off.

Two Factor Auth 12.12.19

To get started with these integrations, log in to your LifeYield account here.

Emily is the Director of Product Management at LifeYield. She's our product expert and frequently writes about how our new product features and enhancements help our customers.