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The LifeYield Advantage SuiteTM sets our enterprise customers apart as leaders and innovators, giving them a clear competitive edge as they improve their clients’ financial health. With the LifeYield Advantage SuiteTM, advisors can maximize client assets -- whether they are accumulating, drawing income, or deciding when and how to receive Social Security payments, all while avoiding the conflicts of interest concerns addressed by the Department of Labor Fiduciary Standards. LifeYield builds long-term partnerships with our clients, providing thoughtful insight, exceptional customer service and unwavering support.

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LifeYield Advantage SuiteTM
Helps advisors maximize after-tax returns by looking across all of a client’s holdings and accounts to determine the optimal asset location
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Enables advisors to recommend the most tax-efficient way for clients to withdraw funds from multiple accounts and products, while maintaining the target asset allocation and target asset location.
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Provides an easy, intuitive, and personalized way to help clients file for benefits at the right time and in the right way to maximize their Social Security income.
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