De-mystify Tax Efficiency


Are you Taxficient®? The Taxficient Score® software suite provides an easy way to demonstrate the value of tax-efficient investment management.
The Taxficient Score is like a credit score, but instead of measuring credit worthiness, it assesses the tax-efficiency of your clients’ accounts.
It looks at all of a client’s accounts – including 401(k), IRA Rollovers, Roth IRA, brokerage – and gauges the current tax-efficiency of their asset location across all investments.
On a scale of 0-100, the higher the score, the better-positioned a client is to minimize taxes, accumulate more money, and achieve retirement goals. With LifeYield, you are the trusted advisor who can help them get a higher Taxficient Score.

Asset Location (not allocation)

Most financial advisors help clients determine appropriate asset allocation. LifeYield shows you how to optimize their asset location. When you place assets with high tax rates in tax-advantaged accounts and those with low tax rates in taxable accounts, you minimize clients’ taxes and maximize returns. LifeYield’s Taxficient Score reduces this concept down to a simple-to-grasp number so clients quickly understand that a higher score is better, and that you are the one to help them achieve that higher score.

Everybody Wins

An independent study Ernst & Young revealed that data gleaned from a Taxficient Score can boost after-tax returns and income over time by up to 33%.
This is great news for clients, and great news for Financial Advisors.
Research shows that happy investors tend to reward their advisors with more assets to manage. So as you help clients live and retire more comfortably, you differentiate yourself from competitors and become the trusted advisor with whom your clients consolidate more of their assets.
And that’s a bottom line everyone can feel good about.

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