Provide Personalized Recommendations
Social Security is an important source of retirement income for many investors. However, most people do not know when they should begin taking benefits versus turning to other assets, and filing for benefits at the wrong time can be costly. Help guide your clients to get the most out of their Social Security benefits, and provide the best answer to one of the first questions many clients ask.
Customized scenarios allow you to recommend a personalized strategy for each client
Get a Competitive Edge
Every client is unique, and the best approach for taking Social Security benefits will vary. LifeYield Social Security Advantage is an interactive tool with a variety of personal scenarios to choose from, with inputs including age, marital status, life expectancy, and other assets held, so clients discover how projected payments can vary. With LifeYield Social Security Advantage, you gain access to sophisticated software that allows you to provide personalized recommendations on when and how to file for benefits, and includes suggestions on how a client can fill income gaps during certain periods of retirement.
Based on the inputs provided, LifeYield Social Security Advantage calculates the optimal timing and strategy for clients to take their Social Security Benefits.

Customized reports show clients how much more they can expect to receive by month, annually, and in total with the optimal LifeYield Social Security Advantage strategy.

Maximize a Client’s Social Security Benefits
Easily Answer a Key Retirement Question

LifeYield Social Security Advantage quickly and intuitively enables you to address one of the most pressing concerns clients have. A Benefit Delay and Benefit Replacement feature helps you discover assets held elsewhere, allowing you to suggest additional products a client may benefit from. With LifeYield Social Security Advantage, you help clients realize a cumulative better outcome in retirement benefits.

LifeYield also offers LifeYield Portfolio Advantage to help you enhance your clients’ after-tax investment returns.
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We support your account acquisition efforts with valuable lead generation tools. Investors answer a few simple questions, discover how much more they can make and keep, and are directed to your advisors for a plan to get more out of their assets.
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