A Case for Asset Consolidation
If you’re like most financial advisors, your clients have an average of five-to-six accounts, acquired over many years, from multiple sources.
With little-to-zero communication between Advisors, your clients’ accounts are not coordinated in a tax-smart manner and are paying unnecessary taxes.
This is your opportunity to clearly differentiate and demonstrate your value as a Financial Advisor.
Coordinating clients’ taxable and tax-advantaged accounts can:
       •  lower investment taxes
       •  improve returns
       •  increase your clients’ confidence in you…
       •  …as well as their ability to realize retirement goals.
LifeYield Proposal Advantage quickly coordinates accounts and illustrates how much more their assets can grow under your guidance. And it shows: the more of their assets you manage, the better you can do for them.

Taxficient Score®: Gateway to Business Growth
LifeYield's Taxficient Score is an easy way to explain the value of tax-efficient management.
The Taxficient Score is like a credit score, but instead of measuring credit-worthiness, it assesses the tax efficiency of your clients’ accounts. 
On a scale of 0-100, the higher the score, the better-positioned your clients are to minimize taxes, earn more money, and achieve retirement goals. LifeYield Proposal Advantage determines your client or prospect’s Taxficient Score and shows how – with your guidance, and with you managing more of their assets – they can improve it.

LifeYield Proposal Advantage Consolidates Assets
LifeYield Proposal Advantage was specifically designed to help you consolidate assets. Start by generating a Quick Proposal. It’s simple: get basic information from your client or prospect, generate a Taxficient Score, and then show ways to improve their score by consolidating assets. Once the improved outcomes – in dollars and cents – are shared in the Quick Proposal, your clients will be motivated to provide a more complete picture of all of their assets. Armed with this information, you can now generate a Premium Proposal, which provides specific advice on how to raise their Taxficient Score and improve their financial future.
A Powerful Call-To-Action
Most financial advisors help clients determine an appropriate asset allocation. With LifeYield, you can now also optimize their asset location. LifeYield Proposal Advantage measures the efficiency of a client’s asset location by using the Taxficient Score. The higher the score, the more tax-efficient a portfolio is. Tax-efficiency is improved by placing assets with high tax rates in tax-advantaged accounts and those with low tax rates in taxable accounts. This minimizes a client’s taxes and maximizes after-tax returns. The more of a client’s assets you manage, the more effective you can be. LifeYield Proposal Advantage shows how much more comfortable their retirement could be.

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