Differentiate Your Practice
Taxes significantly impact investment returns ─ as the saying goes, “it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.” With LifeYield, you can help clients control their tax exposure in a whole new way.  Only LifeYield Portfolio Advantage looks across all of a client’s accounts and holdings and identifies the tax-smart location for every asset.

Easily Implement a Tax-Smart Plan
Once you have determined a client’s risk tolerance, LifeYield Portfolio Advantage shows you how to implement the target allocation in the most tax-efficient manner. You could do this manually, but it is time consuming and requires daunting calculations and projections about market returns, income, dividends, and tax rates. With LifeYield Portfolio Advantage, you can precisely identify the optimal location for every asset in seconds, using advanced software that integrates into your processes.

You could spend hours trying to reduce your clients’ investment taxes, OR
Give your practice a competitive edge and let LifeYield Portfolio Advantage do the work in seconds.
LifeYield Portfolio Advantage instantly calculates the optimal account location for each asset across multiple accounts, and shows your added value by quantifying the benefit you provide clients in dollars and cents.

Clients want to achieve their investment goals
You and your clients work together to determine a target asset allocation and select products
You can help clients minimize their tax burden to maximize returns by putting LifeYield Portfolio Advantage to work to determine tax-smart asset location
LifeYield's state-of-the-art technology completes hours of optimization calculations in just seconds.

LifeYield Portfolio Advantage suggests a tax-smart asset location implementation plan. All assets are distributed into the most efficient locations allowing clients to benefit from the optimal tax-minimization strategy.
Offer Clients Better Outcomes
After-tax returns are what really matter. Optimal location of assets can make a very big difference on investment returns, so it’s important to get it right.

LifeYield Portfolio Advantage lets you show clients and prospects forecasted enhanced outcomes in dollars, basis points and percent improvement.
Keep Your Clients on Track

Once you and your client have chosen a target asset allocation, LifeYield Portfolio Advantage instantly calculates the optimal account location for each asset across multiple accounts. LifeYield Portfolio Advantage serves as the bridge between the target allocation and optimal implementation of the entire household portfolio. And LifeYield Portfolio Advantage helps you keep clients on track. Every time there is a change in a household’s overall portfolio allocation, when cash is invested or withdrawn, or markets move, LifeYield Portfolio Advantage can optimize the entire portfolio across all accounts in the most tax-efficient manner.

Demonstrate a Competitive Edge
LifeYield Portfolio Advantage shows projected improved outcomes in dollars, basis points and percentage improvement, so you can demonstrate your added value. This helps you start a conversation with a client or prospect about held-away assets and the benefits of consolidating assets with you, strengthens existing relationships and generates more referrals.

Provide Superior Service

LifeYield Portfolio Advantage can also help you meet the fiduciary guidelines proposed by the Department of Labor by helping you identify and manage more of each client’s assets and accounts in a tax-optimized way. This is a vitally important component in justifying decisions regarding IRA roll-overs under the potential DOL fiduciary regulations.

LifeYield also offers LifeYield Social Security Advantage to help clients get the most out of their benefits.
LifeYield helps you generate leads

We support your account acquisition efforts with valuable lead generation tools. Investors answer a few simple questions, discover how much more they can make and keep, and are directed to your advisors for a plan to get more out of their assets.
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