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LifeYield Surpasses $1 Trillion in Assets on Platform, Providing Tax-Smart Software to Over 90,000 Financial Advisors

By LifeYield | January 22, 2020 | News

BOSTON – January 22, 2020LifeYield LLC, the leading cloud-based solution that facilitates tax-smart, risk-smart management of an investor’s entire household portfolio, announced today it has surpassed the $1 trillion mark in assets under administration, with over 90,000 financial advisors actively using its LifeYield Advantage Suite.

LifeYield began as a collaboration between Paul R. Samuelson, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder, and his father, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul A. Samuelson. Both held a long-running interest in tax-smart investing, and after years offering investment and tax-related advice to family and friends, they recognized that neither individual investors nor their advisors could build tax-smart portfolios alone. Technology was required to put these theories into practical use, and in 2008, LifeYield was founded.

“LifeYield began as an idea. Paul and his father, both consummate problem solvers, fielded complaints from friends and family about how to juggle various accounts, asset allocations, tax rates and realized gains,” said Mark Hoffman, CEO of LifeYield. “Today, LifeYield is used by the biggest names in the industry, and most importantly, is helping thousands of investors make and keep more of their money, helping them reach life goals and enjoy the fruits of their labor.”

The LifeYield Advantage Suite helps investors, advisors, and firms improve financial outcomes, and is used by advisors through partnerships and integrations with the likes of Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, Envestnet, LPL, Allianz, Franklin Templeton, SunTrust, Orion, Black Diamond and many others.

Made to help advisors attract and retain clients, the LifeYield Advantage Suite includes:

  • Taxficient Score® – Quantifies the tax efficiency of a household portfolio by assigning a score between 0 and 100, and then suggests how to implement changes to improve investors’ financial outcomes.
  • Portfolio Advantage® – Diagnoses and improves tax-efficiency at the household level using the Taxficient Score as a benchmark.
  • Income Advantage® – Determines the most tax-efficient way to make withdrawals from multiple account registrations, regardless of where the assets are held.
  • Social Security Advantage® – Maximizes filing strategies and financial benefits as investors approach retirement.

“At LifeYield, we’ve long advocated the need for a better way of looking at investors’ portfolios, a holistic, household-level approach that enables advisors to offer advice across multiple account types to ensure optimal tax-efficiency,” added Jack Sharry, EVP, CMO of LifeYield. “What we’re seeing now is an industry-wide shift embracing this approach, and we’re excited to be on the forefront of this new page of financial history.”

About LifeYield
LifeYield, creators of the Taxficient Score®, enables financial advisors to deliver tax-smart, household-level portfolio solutions. The LifeYield Advantage Suite® provides a comprehensive, tax-aware view of a client’s entire portfolio–analyzing assets across IRAs, 401(k)s and taxable accounts. The Company’s easy-to-use tools help advisors engage clients in a conversation about making and keeping more money from accumulation through retirement income, to enhance their ability to achieve their financial goals.
Based in Boston and founded by finance and technology industry leaders, LifeYield’s cloud-based software helps advisors improve investor outcomes and enhance their value and experience in supporting goals-based wealth management strategies. For more information, please visit