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LifeYield Receives Top Rating

By LifeYield | September 30, 2013 | News

Boston, Massachusetts, September 30, 2013  – LifeYield, LLC was one of only three firms to receive the highest rating in the annual Hearts & Wallets study of industry best practices for retirement advice. The newly released study, Inside Retirement Advice 2013: Acquiring and Growing Relationships in the Workplace, Online and with Advice and Guidance features a systematic review of 35 retirement savings experiences.

“Our most striking finding was how much better recommendations were from firms that offered more comprehensive solutions,” says Laura Varas, a Hearts&Wallets principal. “Mid-life investors face tough choices. How much should they invest, save for children’s college or put into real estate, and how to save for retirement? LifeYield’s approach of minimizing taxes to maximize accumulation and income, something they call ‘Coordinated Account and Income Management,’ is an example of a thorough and comprehensive approach.”

The study assessed defined contribution plan enrollment kits from major retirement plan providers, websites of the biggest direct broker-dealers as well as presented a side-by side comparison of 12 advice experiences for a hypothetical married couple. Now in its fourth year, the study analyzed options available to an affluent couple in their mid-40s, following up on last year’s popular study, which compared advice from 28 firms for two hypothetical pre-retiree couples. “Our analysis builds on last year’s insights, as we examined the various approaches to offering retirement advice and guidance experiences from do-it-yourself to full-service approaches,” said Varas.

LifeYield’s Coordinated Account and Income Management approach is unique in the industry, according to the Hearts & Wallets study. “They generated better after-tax returns, retirement income and bequest compared to other firms in the study. We were impressed with the thoughtfulness of the recommendations and proposed solutions. Overall, this was one of only three advice experiences that earned our top rating for quality of recommendations,” Varas said.

“Retirement planning is important but smart implementation is where the rubber meets the road,” said Mark Hoffman, LifeYield CEO. “That’s what LifeYield seeks to do – make sure investors enjoy better after tax returns and income. Hearts & Wallets does the most comprehensive research in our industry and that makes it all the more satisfying for LifeYield and our customers to be recognized as a leader.”


About LifeYield
LifeYield (, creators of the Taxficient Score®, is the industry innovator and leader in facilitating tax-smart, risk-smart household portfolio management. LifeYield's Advantage Suite® enables financial advisors to provide a comprehensive, tax-aware view of a client's entire investment and insurance portfolio, including easy-to-use tools to engage clients so they make and keep more money, and achieve their financial goals.
Based in Boston and founded by finance and technology industry leaders, LifeYield believes that by leveraging digitally enhanced advice advisors can improve investor outcomes and enhance the value and experience of support goals-based wealth management strategies.
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