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LifeYield Receives Top Rating

By LifeYield | August 1, 2012 | News
Boston, Massachusetts, August 1, 2012  – LifeYield, LLC was one of only three firms to receive the highest rating in a new Heart & Wallets study on industry best practices for retirement advice. A systematic review of 27 advice and guidance experiences by Laura Varas and Chris Brown, principals at H&W, were examined in their new study: Inside Retirement Advice 2012: A Comprehensive Review of Advice and Guidance Experiences, the Engines that Power Them, and Retirement Income Strategies.

“Our most striking finding was how infrequently we were able to award our top rating in the “Recommendations” category, which was our assessment of the soundness of the advice,” according to the H&W study. “Our main criterion was whether the recommendations provide customers with a stronger financial and life situation. LifeYield is among the best advice experiences we reviewed.”

The H&W study presents a systematic review of 27 advice and guidance experiences including on-line tools, advisor-led interactions and customer statements. “It’s the first time we are aware of a consistent approach to comparing and contrasting retirement advice and guidance experiences,” said Varas.

“Thanks to a powerful and unique engine of tax-optimization provided by LifeYield, their ‘tax-smart management’ generated more income for our sample customers,” according to the H&W study. “It also generated much higher bequests. LifeYield is designed to work with a variety of advice tools and experiences. We were impressed with the thoughtfulness of the recommendations and proposed scenarios. Overall, this was one of only three advice experiences on which Recommendations earned our top rating.”

“Retirement planning requires a complex set of decisions investors and their advisors must work through. We are honored and pleased to have received the top rating in the all-important category of Recommendations,” said Mark Hoffman, LifeYield CEO. “Hearts & Wallets does the most comprehensive research in our industry which makes it all the more satisfying for LifeYield and our customers to be recognized in this way.”