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LifeYield Launches Retirement Income Sourcing, Improves Investor Outcomes by 33%

By LifeYield | March 30, 2022 | News
  • With 10,000 to 12,000 people turning 65 daily, soon-to-be and current retirees seek financial advisors’ counsel on how to best “decumulate” – use all their accounts, holdings, and Social Security benefits to maximize retirement income.
  • LifeYield Retirement Income Sourcing provides what investors are seeking – personalized, enduring, multi-year plans for creating retirement income from all sources. Notably, it empowers firms and their advisors to realize up to 33% more income for clients by minimizing taxes and maximizing Social Security benefits.
  • By maximizing retirement income, LifeYield provides a decisive advantage to firms building comprehensive advice platforms to meet the needs of 21st-century investors.

BOSTON – April 4, 2022 – LifeYield announces today the release of LifeYield Retirement Income Sourcing, its latest tax-efficient and Social Security optimization service for financial firms to use to meet today’s retirement boom.  Firms can layer LifeYield Retirement Income Sourcing, available as APIs, into their proprietary financial planning and investment platforms to increase and quantify the value of their advice to clients.

Financial planning is the bedrock for client-advisor relationships. With LifeYield Retirement Income Sourcing, advisors use client plans from their existing financial planning platforms and create tax-efficient decumulation plans that quantify the value – in dollars – of their advice for asset location, trades, withdrawals, required minimum distributions (RMDs), Roth conversions, product choices, and Social Security optimization.

Retirement Income Sourcing helps chart and implement detailed multi-year decumulation plans that realize the best possible results for clients, resulting in happier clients and growing books of business. It’s the apex of LifeYield tax-smart technology that EY affirmed, in an independent analysis, improves investment outcomes for an average household by up to 33%.

“The primary reason people invest is to have income in retirement. LifeYield Retirement Income Sourcing is a comprehensive way for advisors to maximize that income by minimizing taxes on all investments and optimizing Social Security,” said Mark Hoffman, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-founder of LifeYield.

“As a result, investors conserve wealth longer, leaving them more latitude for enjoying retirement or leaving legacies to charity or family. Advisory firms retain more assets under management for longer due to their clients’ success and the minimizing of outflows to pay taxes.”

LifeYield Retirement Income Sourcing surpasses other decumulation applications available today by:

  • Implementing customized financial planning suggestions, leveraging an advisory firm’s existing planning and account management platform as the source for a retirement income strategy.
  • Solving for the substantial effect income and investment taxes have on clients throughout years of unspooling portfolios of multiple taxable and tax-advantaged accounts, holdings, products such as annuities and life insurance, and Social Security benefits.
  • Continuously adjusting course to adapt to market conditions, tax law changes, and clients’ risk tolerance and income needs.

“LifeYield Retirement Income Sourcing rewrites the rules of decumulation for financial advisors and firms,” Hoffman said. “It cuts through the complexity created by the tax treatments of multiple accounts so advisors can light a path through retirement for their clients.”

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About LifeYield

LifeYield is the wealthtech leader in powering comprehensive asset-and-income platforms for advisors and firms to maximize retirement income for clients from accumulation through withdrawal. LifeYield’s dynamic algorithms and extensive API library enable advisory firms to coordinate and optimize the levers of cost, risk, taxes, and Social Security to produce better financial outcomes. For more information, visit