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LifeYield Helped Advisors Create $2.9B of Potential Retirement Wealth in Q1 2021

By LifeYield | April 20, 2021 | News

BOSTON – April 20, 2021 – In the year since the pandemic’s inception, LifeYield LLC has emerged as a growth catalyst for financial advisories of all sizes. Using LifeYield’s software to optimize the timing of Social Security benefits, advisors have added a cumulative $2.9 billion in potential retirement wealth to investors’ assets in the first quarter of 2021.

As the wealthtech leader in powering unified managed household (UMH) platforms, LifeYield’s powerful algorithms are used by more than 90,000 advisors in the world’s leading financial institutions to maximize retirement income. By coordinating the levers of cost, risk, tax, and Social Security LifeYield’s software helps advisors create wealth through long-term asset location, withdrawal sequencing, and the timing of Social Security benefits.

Between January and March, Lifeyield’s Social Security+ software guided the implementation of filing strategies that uncovered an average of $148,000 per investor household in potential added wealth, helping advisors and clients strengthen comprehensive income streams. To reach this average, LifeYield examined 19,903 anonymized reports from its largest partners.

“There is a six-figure difference between a ‘good enough’ Social Security strategy and one that wins the most income possible for advisor clients,” said Harry Bartle, EVP, enterprise sales. “That is a life-changing amount of guaranteed income for people approaching retirement and a powerful way for advisors to grow their managed assets. But to reach it, they need a software-guided, easy-to-understand implementation.”

Social Security+ is available both as a standalone solution for advisors and as part of LifeYield’s robust API library of UMH technology. LifeYield’s enterprise partners used Social Security+ to create more than $11 billion in potential retirement income in 2020.

To learn more about LifeYield and Social Security+, schedule a free demo here.

Read the full Press Release via Business Wire here.

About LifeYield

LifeYield is the wealthtech leader in powering unified managed household (UMH) platforms to help advisors and firms maximize retirement income for clients from accumulation through withdrawal. LifeYield’s dynamic algorithms and comprehensive API library enable advisory firms of all sizes to manage household-level portfolios that coordinate the technology elements necessary to optimize efficiency, and specifically, through long-term tax management, including asset location, gain/loss harvesting, rebalancing, withdrawal sequencing, and Social Security maximization.

LifeYield coordinates and optimizes the levers of cost, risk, tax and Social Security to produce better financial outcomes and quantify the benefits in dollars and cents. LifeYield Social Security+ software helps over 90,000 advisors plan optimal filing strategies as clients near retirement and provides guidance on how to build a comprehensive income stream. For more information, please visit