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John Thiel Joins LifeYield Fiduciary Board

By LifeYield | May 18, 2021 | News

BOSTON – May 18, 2021 – As more of the wealth management industry’s largest institutions use LifeYield’s technology in their unified managed household (UMH) platforms, the team at LifeYield has appointed former Merrill Lynch executive John Thiel to its fiduciary board.

Thiel brings LifeYield a deep commitment to successful investor outcomes, years of industry experience, and an in-depth understanding of the complex challenges faced by enterprise firms as they develop comprehensive wealthtech solutions.

As Head of Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch, Thiel spearheaded the company’s shift into goals-based wealth management centered upon client outcomes. Thiel has distinguished himself as a thought leader in the financial services industry, empowering a culture that fosters the critical relationship of trust between clients and advisors.

“Throughout my career, client outcomes have been of the utmost importance in my practice,” said Thiel. “LifeYield aligns well with my mission to position clients for success in retirement. I am impressed by the tools they offer and their innovation in the wealthtech space.”

Thiel already holds several executive engagements, sitting on the Boards of Franklin Templeton, FINRA Investor Education Foundation, the V Foundation, Decker Communications, and his alma mater, Florida State University.

In Thiel’s current role as a Senior Advisor and Partner at My Next Season, he supports executives as they transition into meaningful retirement or shift direction into a new career. Thiel is also actively involved in company strategy, business development and relationship building.

“John Thiel is a dynamic financial services leader with a diverse and impressive background within the industry – we are looking forward to welcoming him to our board,” added Mark Hoffman, CEO and co-founder of LifeYield.

Tune in to the WealthTech on Deck podcast on May 19 to hear more from Thiel as he provides his perspective on where wealthtech is headed, the work he is engaged with on various boards and his commitment to improving investor education and financial outcomes. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Read the full Press Release via Business Wire here.

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