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Financial Industry Veteran, J.C. Massar, joins LifeYield Advisory Board

By LifeYield | May 19, 2014 | News

BOSTON, May 19, 2014 – LifeYield, LLC a provider of tax-smart goals based investing software, today announced J.C. Massar has invested in LifeYield and taken a seat on its Advisory Board. Over his distinguished 35+ year career, Mr. Massar spearheaded Capital Group’s highly successful entry into the defined contribution retirement, variable annuity and international businesses.

“I have seen a wealth of new technologies created to benefit investors over my career,” said Massar. “LifeYield is one of the most innovative and intuitive solutions I’ve seen in helping advisors deliver real value to investors. I am thrilled to now be an active part of the LifeYield team.”

By coordinating a household’s various taxable and tax advantaged accounts in an optimal fashion during accumulation and in retirement, LifeYield minimizes taxes and helps deliver improved returns and income. An independent analysis by Ernst & Young found LifeYield’s methodology can improve after tax returns and income by up to 33%.

“While firms have spent millions on financial planning software, they have no way to execute and maintain the recommended plan on a consistent and on-going basis, especially as their clients move from accumulation, to transition, and then retirement,” Massar continued. “LifeYield enables advisors to efficiently connect and coordinate the plan to the investment process and to product recommendations and improved results. And by minimizing taxes it really adds value to the client’s portfolio.”

“What is most noteworthy of J.C.’s distinguished career and what drives him is he cares deeply about what is best for the investor, no matter how big or small that investor is,” said Mark Hoffman, LifeYield’s CEO. “To be validated not just by his investment in LifeYield, but by the valuable time he is committing is a feather in LifeYield’s cap. I look forward to working with him to deliver solutions that help advisors and their clients achieve better results.


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LifeYield (, creators of the Taxficient Score®, is the industry innovator and leader in facilitating tax-smart, risk-smart household portfolio management. LifeYield's Advantage Suite® enables financial advisors to provide a comprehensive, tax-aware view of a client's entire investment and insurance portfolio, including easy-to-use tools to engage clients so they make and keep more money, and achieve their financial goals.
Based in Boston and founded by finance and technology industry leaders, LifeYield believes that by leveraging digitally enhanced advice advisors can improve investor outcomes and enhance the value and experience of support goals-based wealth management strategies.
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