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Ernst & Young Validates LifeYield ROI™ Can Deliver Up To 20% More Retirement Income

By LifeYield | September 21, 2009 | Income Advantage, Social Security Advantage

Ernst & Young tests new retirement income methodology and finds it can deliver more after-tax income in retirement

BOSTON, September 21, 2009 – LifeYield, a first of its kind software solution, can provide up to 20% more after-tax retirement income on a full household portfolio over a 25-year retirement, based on the results of comparisons conducted by Ernst & Young LLP. Those results further indicated that the LifeYield can improve the income generated from the after-tax earnings portion of a full household portfolio by up to 46% on an inflation adjusted basis over the same period.

LifeYield is a patent pending software system that helps investors and advisors maximize retirement income distributions through tax efficient de-cumulation. Ernst & Young LLP conducted independent tests to compare the potential benefits of the LifeYield methodology by creating its own simulation model based on the key principles of the LifeYield method, and ran 10,000 scenarios on each of three hypothetical household.

“We knew we could make a significant improvement for investors and their advisors with our retirement income optimization tool when we built the software,” said Mark W. Hoffman, Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of LifeYield. “It’s very rewarding to have our theory and our actual tool researched by a highly respected and independent source like Ernst & Young LLP and to have the results that they found.”

“SunTrust is our first customer. It’s especially pleasing to know we can make an important difference in helping our customer’s advisors increase the retirement income of their clients in light of the volatility and challenge the markets have provided over the past year,” said Hoffman.

LifeYield’s technology automates the process of selecting which of a client’s assets to sell to provide an income stream by reviewing the multiple taxable and tax-advantaged accounts held by family members and selecting the most appropriate assets to liquidate.

To obtain a copy of the white paper, entitled: Increased Retirement Income Through Tax Optimization, The LifeYield Retirement Optimized Income Solution™ – LifeYield ROI™, a LifeYield, LLC White Paper with Supporting Research by Ernst & Young, contact Jack Sharry, or 617-502-5665.


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