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The LifeYield Advantage Suite can boost after-tax returns and income by up to 33% over time.
*Ernst & Young study

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Full customization and platform integration

All LifeYield products are available individually, as a suite, out-of-the-box or white-labeled.

Leverage our APIs

  • LifeYield Portfolio Advantage®
  • LifeYield Income Advantage®
  • LifeYield Social Security Advantage®
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Preference settings for household rebalancers

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White-labeled solutions

  • LifeYield Portfolio Advantage
  • LifeYield Income Advantage
  • LifeYield Social Security Advantage
  • Taxficient Score®

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The LifeYield Advantage Suite®

portfolio advantage

Give your advisors the tools to measure the tax efficiency of a client’s household portfolio with the Taxficient Score® and pinpoint the tax-smart location for every asset in seconds. Learn more

income advantage

Implement the technology to determine the most tax-efficient way to make withdrawals from single or multiple accounts. Learn more

social security advantage

Maximize filing strategies and financial benefits for investors as they approach retirement. Learn more

Advisors and clients win with LifeYield:

90k+ advisors using LifeYield

$1T+ assets on the platform

83% of investors want tax efficiency
*Hearts & Wallets Research

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