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LifeYield Portfolio Advantage® API

  • Pinpoint the tax-smart location for every asset in seconds.
  • Leverage the Taxficient Score® to measure and improve the tax efficiency of a client’s household portfolio on a scale of 0-100.
  • Quantify the benefit of dynamic asset location in dollars and cents.

Tax-loss Harvesting API

  • Take your firm’s tax-loss harvesting capabilities to the household-level.
  • Single-account tax-loss harvesting.
  • Multi-account tax-loss harvesting.

LifeYield Income Advantage® API

  • Make intelligent withdrawals from multiple accounts.
  • Determine which assets to withdraw in the right order to minimize tax drag across the portfolio.
  • Maintain the appropriate risk tolerance and asset allocation to avoid unnecessary rebalancing.

LifeYield Social Security Advantage® API

  • Calculate the optimal timing and filing strategy for each client to maximize their Social Security benefits.
  • Recommend a personalized strategy for each investor with custom scenarios, including how to fill income gaps in retirement.
  • Layer additional income to meet retirement goals beyond Social Security.

Enterprise Relationships

enterprise relationships

LifeYield APIs are ideal for:

The LifeYield Advantage Suite®

portfolio advantage

Give your advisors the tools to measure the tax efficiency of a client’s household portfolio with the Taxficient Score® and pinpoint the tax-smart location for every asset in seconds. Learn more

income advantage

Implement the technology to determine the most tax-efficient way to make withdrawals from single or multiple accounts. Learn more

social security advantage

Maximize filing strategies and financial benefits for investors as they approach retirement. Learn more

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